Project name:Office space of Masria company    Year:2019

  Client:Masria for cards    Area:1100M

  location:New Cairo    Status:Completed

  Description: Only three months have been taken to complete the project of Masria for cards company headquarter as of the project inspection date to its delivery date, posing a significant challenge to us. We applied the concept of open areas to grant more space and to ensure easy movement while closing the offices of managers and meeting rooms. The design considered the industry concept to reduce the cost and to provide the company with a distinguished new modern style. Reception space is placed opposite to the company entrance in order to show the company name and logo to the visitors. In addition, waiting area is used to show the development of company products over the years. The company digital work nature and logo color clearly effect on the design, furniture, wall colors, floors with the view of demonstrating and expressing the company’s commercial identity.


  Project name:Office space of TPAY company  Year:2020

  Client:TPAY    Area:1870M

  location:New Cairo–First settlement    Status:Completed

  Description:The project to design and build a building consisting of 5 floors at the TPAY company headquarter mainly aimed to use the maximum possible spaces. The ground floor contains the company’s main entrance and meeting rooms. The first floor includes the senior management offices while the remaining floors are open spaces to be used by company’s different departments. Each floor has an open breaking area as well as the external recreation spaces. The walls are light grey with white furniture to grant a bright and homogeneous internal space. The Company walls design considered the diagonal lines of company’s logo. The logo colors are reflected in the floor carpet, furniture and pendant lighting units.

  Project name:Office space of Net Pulse company  Year:2018

  Client:Net Pulse    Area:160M

  location:New Cairo    Status:Completed

  Description:Net Pulse headquarter is designed and built within only two months. The project was an open and fully finished space. The main purpose was to keep as possible as the current floors, air conditioning units, lighting units, doors and wall glass parts to be re-used in order to reduce the cost. The most important spaces (e.g. managers offices) are designed and placed to overlook the outer garden. The staff open area is located at the internal court of building with the company reception area. The company identity reflected in the design by using the blue color which has been clearly demonstrated in the phenyl designing and printed on doors and glass parts, clearly reflecting the company’s work and culture.

  Project name:YRD office space    Year:2016

  Client:YRD    Area:450M

  location:New Cairo    Status:Completed

  Description: This project’s main challenge was to create an administrative work environment in a residential building. We solved this problem by creating the company’s entrance separated from the main entrance of the residential building. landscape of the company’s entrance was designed in a manner enhancing the administrative character. Internally, we demolished all walls of residential rooms and transferred them into an open space and separated rooms by glass & brick walls to create a spacious sense of space. Clearly, the internal kitchenette was designed to overlook on the workstations area to interactive atmosphere between the teamwork. The external backyard was used as staff break area after providing it with needed landsscape designs. The industry concept is used to enhance the company’s administrative identity. The ceilings are open and black-painted beside grey coloring on brick walls directly similar to company’s logo color with white furniture and dark walnut wood to provide more warming atmosphere.


  Project name:Branch of PWC company  Year:2018

  Client:PWC    Area:295M

  location:Alexandria    Status:Not Started

  Description:We used this design to participate in tender of Design&Build branch for PricewaterhouseCoopers company which is an international company having several branches throughout the world , the company has a strong design identity through its previous branches. This branch had a difficult planning issue due to the narrow and small area at the middle and the low ceilings. We applied the principle of open space before and after the narrow area to provide sense of spaciousness and to support the teamwork performance and comfort. We employed this middle area as the beverages break area.
To translate, show and reflect the company identity and work field on the design. We reflected this by choosing colors derived from company logo in the custom made lighting units of the reception area as well as the separators of the workstations .Also this is showed in the percentage sign which printed on phenyl to be used on the glass walls in order to confirm the company identity in the field of accounting and financial consultations.


  Project name:Branch of Systra company    Year:2016

  Client:Systra     Area:650M

  location:New Cairo    Status:Completed

  Description: Designing and implementing international Systra company branch which has many branches throughout the world. The project was delivered within only three months starting from design up to implementation and supply of furniture which imported by us. The company’s activity relies on the principle of delivering a specific project then moving to another project through several teamworks . Based on this vision, we has divided the project into repeated work units. Each unit includes group work area, manager office and assistant office in order to improve the staff performance. The design was characterized by the pure simplicity and overlooking on the external view as the company is directly located at the Nile. Clearly we used red color (main color of company’s logo) for wall signs and floor carpets with the view of enhancing and confirming the company’s identity.

  Project name:Office space of Adeer company  Year:2015

  Client: Adeer    Area: 500M

  location:KSA    Status:Completed

  Description: This project is the internal design of Adeer headquarter in KSA. This building is characterized by high level modern distinguished design. The company logo, turquiose and black, is used to start the design creation. This logo is used in the walls and furniture and supported by white marble in the floor and white and black wall claddings in order to create an internal creative work environment with modern design. We emphasized this design identity in the external terrace which is designed as staff break area with elegant landscape details.

  Project name:Office space of AICT company  Year:2020

  Client: AICT    Area: 120M

  location:Alexandria    Status:Not Started

  Description:The project aims to renew and develop reception areas of AICT main office at Alexandria port. The design considered the staff movement to enter and exit from the office. The reception counter and visitor waiting chairs has been replaced in the right side to facilitate the movement in the left side. For wall design, it is a simple, deluxe and modern mixture by using expensive materials such as white and black marble and woods with design lines confirming the modernity. With using blue color of company logo in some furniture units and wall claddings of floors entrances.


  Project name: Ghonaim group building  Year:2019

  Client: Ghonaim group    Area: 1580M

  location:Borg El Arab City    Status:Not Started

  Description: This project framework was an internal and external design of Ghonaim International group building for pharmaceutics and cosmetics. We designed the ground floor to be used as double height reception area to be separated from open work spaces and some closed rooms. The 1st floor was for the senior management. In addition, the 2nd floor is designed as open areas for future expansion. The office of chief executive officer is designed to be located on the main facade of the building and rich with wooden claddings as he prefers. These wooden claddings were used with imported marble to create more deluxe and modern design to meet the design of other building spaces.

11-Dreamtown (1)

  Project name:Dream Town company office space  Year:2016

  Client: Dream Town    Area:130M

  location:New Cairo    Status:completed

  Description:For the design of real estate broker, the biggest challenge was the request to place a specific number of staff in small area hindering the availability of meeting room space. After space study, we found that offices (e.g. manager office, accountant office and server room) shall be mainly closed. The remaining area is left open, including a reception area separated with vertical wooden stripes from the sales area. Sales desks designed with unified size to be integrated together as required to be transferred into a meeting table. A big screen is installed on the open kitchentte wall to present the company’s projects or internal meetings.


  Project name: El Rawda School  Year:2016

  Client: El Rawda    Area:18000M

  location:Jeddah – KSA   Status:completed

  Description:In this project, an external and internal design is conducted to Al Rawda school in KSA consisting of 5 floors in addition to designing several entrances located at big court to separate the movement of parents, teachers and different aged students. The parent’s entrance is located on the main street with high glass interface overlooking on the big internal court of school. The name of school is grooved on the wooden wall claddings with modern designs. In addition to several deluxe waiting areas. The analysis of educational activities is considered by creating innovative designs for kindergarten classrooms. The remaining classrooms is designed in a manner allowing communication and interaction between the students and teachers and supported by graphic drawings on walls enhancing the educational values.


  Project name:Officespace of Ghonaim Group  Year:2018

  Client: Ghonaim group    Area:185M

  location:New Cairo     Status:completed

  Description: The design and implementation project of Ghonaim International Group’s head office has been completed within only two months. The project’s challenge was the small space with customer’s several needs and large staff number. However, all client needs were met through the accurate space consideration and optimal area distribution without any wasted space. Meeting room and general director office were connected to ensure the easy movement of director and to maintain his privacy. In this project, we faced some problems such as the plumbing risers located at the general director office. This problem was solved by creating a wooden bookcase with wallpaper and lighting spots in order to be used as a background to the general director desk and accordingly the existing plumping riseres transformed to a decoration background.

New Cairo – First settlement – Neighbourhood 12011 Block 11/12 – Building 9 – Ground Floor
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New Cairo – First settlement – Neighbourhood 12011 Block 11/12 – Building 9 – Ground Floor
Working Days/ Hours : Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm
For directions press" view lager map "below

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